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Kirsty Finnie

I completed my therapy training in Moray, where I started my placement working with a carer support organisation. I loved my experience so much that I stayed on as a volunteer counsellor for several more years. I saw the organisation adapt to the challenges of Covid, this is where I had my first experiences of working online. I valued the flexibility it gave to clients to access much needed support in a time when travelling distances was not possible. As a result, I still work online with clients today. I think there is something wonderful about being able to gain support in amongst the challenges of life that perhaps don't allow for getting out to a specific location for therapy. 


I have had the opportunity to work in different settings offering therapy from volunteer roles, to work in schools and lecturing on training courses. Each opportunity has provided me with new learning and perspectives. I am now enjoying being back in my hometown, working with Hope Counselling as well as other local charities.


When I'm not working, I love spending time with my husband and our two dogs.

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