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Our Trustees

Behind every charity you'll find a team of passionate and committed trustees, who work to ensure that the organisation remains focused on their goals and overall ethos. 

Hope Counselling Dundee are no different. With a board of experienced trustees drawn from across various church communities, they make sure that the charity continues to offer exceptional counselling for the people of Dundee. 

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Chairperson - Rev. Bob Mallinson, Church of                                      Scotland Minister

Secretary -      Dr Tricia Kiehlmann,                                                        Counsellor

Treasurer -      Ms Karen Bennett

Fundraiser -    Dr Peter Kiehlmann,                                                     Occupational Health Doctor/Counsellor

Trustee -         Mrs Sarah Baker, Retired Early Years                              Educator

Trustee -         Ms Sheena Baird, Coach/Disability                                Mentor

Trustee -         Ms Doyin Falodun,

                        Dentistry/Public Health

Trustee -         Mr Gary Willetts,

                        IT Manager

Image by Ross Sneddon

Trustees' Annual Report

We believe it is important to communicate our developments with clients, fundraisers and anyone interested in the work we do. Our annual report explores the changes that have occurred in the organisation during the period 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022. 

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