Our Trustees

Behind every charity you'll find a team of passionate and committed trustees, who work to ensure that the organisation remains focused on their goals and overall ethos. 

Hope Counselling Dundee are no different. With a board of experienced trustees drawn from across various church communities, they make sure that the charity continues to offer exceptional counselling for the people of Dundee. 

Chairperson - Rev. Bob Mallinson, Church of                                      Scotland Minister

Secretary -      Dr Tricia Kiehlmann, (Secretary),                                    Counsellor

Treasurer -      Mrs Susie Buist, (Treasurer) Housing                              Officer/Carer

Fundraiser -    Dr Peter Kiehlmann, (Fundraiser),                               Occupational Health Doctor/Counsellor

Administrator - Ms Karen Bennett

Trustee -         Mrs Sarah Baker, Retired Early Years                              Educator

Trustee -         Ms Sheena Baird, Coach/Disability                                Mentor