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Our Trustees

Behind every charity you'll find a team of passionate and committed trustees, who work to ensure that the organisation remains focused on their goals and overall ethos. 

Hope Counselling Dundee are no different. With a board of experienced trustees drawn from across various church communities, they make sure that the charity continues to offer exceptional counselling for the people of Dundee. 

Trustees 2023.jpg

                                                          Role                                                                 Date Appointed

Dr Peter Kiehlmann                 Chair, Fundraiser                                                30.4.2019

Dr Tricia Kiehlmann                 Safeguarding Officer                                         30.4.2019

Ms Sheena Baird                      Deputy Chair                                                         24.1.2022

Mrs Oladoyin Falodun             Secretary                                                                 8.2.2023

Mr Gary Willetts                         Treasurer                                                                 8.2.2023

Mr Rob McGregor                     Trustee                                                                      27.6.2024

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