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General Counselling


We understand that everyone is different, so our counsellors tailor sessions to suit each client’s needs using an Integrative or Pluralistic method of counselling which combines a range of approaches such as: Person-Centred Counselling, Psychodynamic Counselling, and CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).


We welcome each client into a confidential, non-judgmental conversation, where they can talk about all aspects of their lived experience including faith, personality, gender, and sexuality.


Our counsellors will work with you to get you on the path to feeling and functioning better. Throughout this journey, you may experience highs and lows, tears and laughter, but we'll be with you for every step.

Issues that we can help with include anxiety and depression, stress, abuse, relationship problems, loss and bereavement, trauma, ill health, lifestyle problems, low self-esteem, living with neuro-diversity, chronic fatigue, work-related problems, social and spiritual issues.

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