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Children and Young People

We have a team of highly qualified counsellors who have additional training for working with children and young people, and experience of counselling in Secondary Schools.

Life can be messy and difficult. We recognise that ups and downs are a normal part of life but sometimes help is needed to find a way through. Counselling gives support and helps people find better ways of approaching their problems.

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Some young people have to deal with experiences such as bereavement, loss, family and relationship difficulties, and bullying, while others may be dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

We provide a safe confidential non judgemental place to talk and it helps to share burdens and clarify thoughts. Being listened to and understood brings healing and improves self esteem. At times we offer creative tools and sometimes we suggest using CBT to help change thoughts and behaviours to achieve positive change.

Parents can request appointments for age 16 and under, and we request they contribute to our costs by donation.

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