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Carolyn Rae

Director & Counsellor

MBACP Accred,  

BA Counselling, Diploma in Counselling, Certificate in Young people and Children’s counselling 

Diploma in Counselling Supervision 


I worked as an adult nurse for thirteen years prior to training as a counsellor in 2010. Qualifying as a Counsellor has helped me develop my natural interest in people, their mental health and how to help them process life challenges.


I use an integrative approach which enables me to adapt the therapy for each individual client according to their needs.


I recognize it is important for some to include their faith in therapy, to have a place to be heard and understood.  I can include faith within counselling if requested to do so, but am equally happy to counsel people with or without faith.


My belief in the ability of individuals to learn, change and grow from life difficulties allows me to hold for my clients one of the most important aspects in therapy – Hope. 

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