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Christian Counselling

Hope Counselling Dundee is open to clients of all faiths and none, and indeed much of our work focuses on practical and psychological matters.  Nevertheless, we recognise that our spiritual lives can often have an impact on our mental wellbeing, and vice versa.

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All our counsellors have a Christian faith and create safe spaces for people to bring their whole self; body, mind and spirit. Confidentiality is very important to us, and we offer a place where personal, social, spiritual and faith-community issues can be talked about and processed in privacy with support.

Clients find it very helpful to talk to someone who is not involved in their lives but who can understand them and allow them to speak freely about their issues. Sometimes a counsellor will give a worksheet or exercise or suggest reading material to help clients resolve or come to terms with issues in their lives. We come alongside to help people find the way out of dark and difficult places into fullness of life.

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