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4th October 2022 
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We are a high-quality, not-for-profit, counselling and psychotherapy service working with adults, young people, and couples.

We offer in-person, on-line, and phone counselling and can discuss which is best for you.

We believe we can help people find hope in even the most difficult circumstances.

We believe it is OK to not be OK.

We understand life is often messy!

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About you

It's about helping you feel better and function better. You come as you are with doubts, questions and fears, and your counsellor will help you move towards your goals, supporting you as you face the pain and difficulties in your life. There will be some tears and some laughter along the way but you will be glad you made the journey. There is hope for you!

Counselling or Psychotherapy?

In Scotland today counselling is the term generally used to describe an activity where a client is able to talk to someone in a confidential safe space with the aim of feeling better and managing things better. Psychotherapy is used to mean a type of therapy which deals with the mind, the psyche. The terms can be used interchangeably. We choose to use them together to give a sense of the breadth of what we offer, from simple non-judgemental confidential listening to creative and well researched techniques, all aimed at helping you feel and function better.

Why Christian?

The service is available to people of any faith or none and we offer the opportunity to explore issues from a Christian perspective for those who request it. If you have a Christian faith, it is helpful to find a counsellor who can understand your all your life's issues including your beliefs, doubts and experiences.
Our counsellors create a safe space for people to bring the complex messy reality of who they are, body mind and spirit, to be understood, helped and supported on the journey towards well-being.